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Liver is a vital and largestorgan in the upper right abdomen, and it has a wide range of functionsincluding storage of vitamins, sugar, iron and other minerals, destruction oftoxins, regenerating worn red blood cells, breaking down alcohol andmedications and production of bile (concentrated fluid that helps digesting thefood in the intestines).

In cases of fatty liver, problemis with build up of excessive fats in liver’s cells. Presence of fat in liverin usually normal, but if exceeds 10% if total liver weight, it is a case offatty liver.

Causes of fatty liver can beattributed to several factors; one is liver disorder due to excessive use ofalcohol, and it is called alcoholic hepatitis. The other is overweight orobesity. Unfortunately, hepatitis can also occur with the people who do not drinkat all, and if untreated in time, can lead to inflammation of the leaver, andother serious consequences.

Symptoms of fatty liver mayinclude dull pain in the right upper abdomen, malaise, or a fatigue. If thereis a case of an advance stage like cirrhosis, symptoms may be nausea, weakness,loss of weight, lack of appetite, etc.

Because the symptoms of fattyliver may be unnoticed by you, many cases are discovered during other routinecheck ups. In case that your doctor find that you have any kind of fatty liverdisorder, he may perform additional tests for you to confirm the diagnose, suchas MRI, ultrasound or CT scan.

Also other risk factors for fattyliver disorders may be diabetes, obesity, some medications (prednisone andothers), etc.

Treatments in cases of fattyliver and hepatitis may include reduction of high blood triglycerides, gooddiabetes control, and alcohol abstention. Sometimes, in particular cases,surgery of reversal intestinal bypass, in cases of obesity, is necessary.

Obesity can be critical and mostimportant predisposition factor for you to have a case of fatty liver, butnevertheless, you must not lose weight suddenly. A sudden weight loops is ahealth risk action, and could have severe consequences for your health andbody, besides your original liver disorder. Anyway, in cases of damaged liverby fatty liver disorder, you have to lose weight, only do it in a medicallyprescribed way and rhythm, in order not to jeopardize your health even more.

In recent months, new studies arecalled are attention to anew drug, called Act gall. This new drug proved duringits test phase, to be very effective in cases of fatty liver or cirrhoses.

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