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Definition of Fatty Liver

Liver is a largest organ in the upper right abdomen, and it has a several functions in the body, including storage of iron, sugar, vitamins and minerals, regeneration of worn red blood cells, destruction of toxins, breaking down medications or alcohol and production of bile, which is highly concentrated fluid that helps digesting the food in the intestines.

Presence of fat in liver in normal, but if exceeds 10% if total liver weight, then it is a case of fatty liver. In cases of fatty liver, problem is build-up of excessive fats in liver’s cells.

Causes of Fatty Liver

Causes of fatty liver can be obesity, overweight or some other liver disorder caused by excessive use of alcohol, called alcoholic hepatitis, and if untreated in time, fatty liver can lead to inflammation and other serious consequences. Other risk factors for fatty liver disorders may be obesity, diabetes or some medications like Prednisone.

Symptoms of Fatty Liver

Symptoms of fatty liver may be unnoticed for longer periods of time and many liver problems are discovered only when you have other medical problem or routine check-up, and you go and visit your doctor because of that. In case that your doctor diagnose that you have any variation of fatty liver disorder, he may conduct various tests like MRI, ultrasound or CT scan, in order to confirm his diagnose.

Among others, symptoms of fatty liver may include dull pain in the right upper abdomen, and is some cases malaise or fatigue. In cases that you have an advance stage of liver disorder like cirrhosis, symptoms may also include feeling of weakness, nausea, lack of appetite, or rapid loss of weight.

Treatments and Diet for Fatty Liver

Treatments in cases of fatty liver may include alcohol abstention, diabetes control and reduction of high blood triglycerides. In cases of obesity surgery of reversal intestinal bypass is necessary.

Good diet in cases of fatty liver is a must. You should avoid all alcohol, sugar and foods with sugar, fatty foods like beef, cheese, pork, cream, lamb, butter, curries and excessive amount of olive oil. You should also avoid all types of mushrooms, vinegar, blue cheeses, yeast products like pizza, breads or marmite, smoking, and sour tasty foods like citrus, mangoes and pineapple.

You should eat mainly vegetarian diet, together with vegetarian protein tofu, as a supplement for fish and eggs. Do not use any extra amount of nutritional supplements, and if you are using birth control pills, ask for some alternative. You can use DrAli’s Livguard twice per day, for a period of six months.

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