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The most common liverproblems

Liver problems refer to a wide range of conditions that arerelated to this organ and that can affect it. Some of them may be inherited,while others may be caused by various factors. Also, some of them may betemporary, whereas there are those that are permanent and that cannot be cured.Among the most common liver problems are various types of hepatitis, enlargedliver, chronic or acute liver failure, cirrhosis, and various infections ofliver.

People who are a bit more prone to developing some liver problem arethose who suffer from diabetes, obesity, or increased level of triglycerides inthe blood, as well as those who do not practice safe sex, or whose work makes themexposed to the blood or body fluids of other people, or to particular chemicalsand toxins. Also, excessive consumption of alcohol may also induce certainliver problems, as well as the use of certain medications or even herbs andsupplements.

Symptoms of liver problems

It is a fact that symptoms of various liver problems differ fromcase to case, but the fact is also that many liver diseases and conditions share thesame symptoms. Anyway, one of the most common signs that indicate certainproblems of this kind is jaundice, which is characterized by pale yellow ororange color of the urine, yellowing of the face, skin and eyes, loss ofappetite, constipation or loose stools, edema, and heart palpitations.

Other signsof liver problems include loss of weight as a result of poor appetite, whichcan also lead to anemia, but it can also be followed by vomiting, nausea, diarrhea,and even the appearance of gastric ulcers, which is why in some cases theperson may even vomit blood. Bloating is also a sign, as well as painful breathing,which is a result of the distention. The person who suffers from some liverdisorder may also experience dizziness, headache, ringing in the ears, pain inthe back, mood swings, and even depression.

There are many other symptoms, butif any of these mentioned so far is persistent, it is highly recommended tovisit a doctor and get a medical opinion. Some conditions may easily be treatedwith medications, while others may require the surgery, but it is always betterif the diagnosis is set at an early stage of the disease, because that way manycomplications may be prevented.

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