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Fatty liver and the main facts

The number of important functions and process in the bodythat depend on the liver and its proper functioning is much higher than peopleare aware of, which is why it is necessary to make sure that this organ stayshealthy as long as possible. Metabolism and production of various chemicals thatare necessary for the process of digestion are only some of them, although theliver plays an important part in the detoxification of the body as well. Thenumber of problems and diseases that can affect this organ is not negligible,but the condition that seems to affect people more and more is fatty liver. It resultsin the inability of this organ to break down the fats as fast as it used to,which results in the accumulation of the fat. Fatty liver is liver that has 10% of fat or even more, and even though it does not cause some serious damage tothe body, if left untreated, it gradually leads to liver cirrhosis. The reasonsthat most commonly lead to this problem are obesity, diabetes or other metabolicdisorders, overuse of alcohol or drugs, malnutrition, or even various surgeryprocedures.

Diet for fatty liver

When it comes to fatty liver diet, the right one should be chosen,and the choice primarily depends on the cause of the problem. That way we havethe diets that are intended to keep the diabetes under control, those that areintended for weight reduction, those that need to treat malnutrition, and manyothers. However, regardless of the cause, there are some things that are commonfor all the diets that treat fatty liver. For example, in case a person inquestion consumes alcohol excessively, it is necessary to reduce or eliminate itsintake. The same goes for energy drinks, soda, or drinks that are high insugar. Aside from this, it is also highly recommended to engage oneself in exercisingor any other physical activity, which should be moderate and regular.

The intake of foods that are rich in fiber and essentialfats and those that are low in carbohydrates and fats should be increased,while the foods that should be avoided include dark meats, fried food, as wellas food rich in saturated fats and simple carbohydrates. Nutrition should beenhanced with mineral and vitamin supplements, of which particularly important aremanganese, sulfur, selenium, folate, vitamin C and complex-B vitamins.

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