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Introduction to fatty liver pain

Fatty liver pain occurs when a person has a condition called the Fatty Liver Disease (FLD), which is caused by an accumulation of fat in the liver cells which makes the liver swell.

FLD occurs when large amounts of fat accumulate in the liver cells by way of an abnormal retention of lipids inside the cells.

It is peculiar that this hurts a person, since the liver does not have any nerve endings attached to it.

So what does cause the pain? The liver is not where the pain is coming from, rather, the area that surrounds the liver will be painful if the liver itself swells and rubs against other organs that are located nearby.

Pain also occurs if the liver ruptures and bleeds.


There are many different caused for fatty liver pain, include the metabolism, drugs and toxins, and diseases.

Some disease that may cause a fatty liver include AIDS, Hepatitis C and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Metabolism-related diseases that can lead to fatty liver disease include Abatalipoproteinemia, Wolfman Disease, Weber Christian Diseases, Glycogen Storage Disease, and Lipodystrophy.

Other conditions that can lead to this problem include drastic weight loss, malnutrition, gastric bypass surgery or bacteria overgrowth.

As you can see, there are many different factors from all spectrums of a person’s healthy that can have a negative effect on the liver and cause pain to occur.

Alcoholism is another common cause of such pain.


There are also a variety of symptoms of this type of fatty liver pain. In some cases, a person can experience upper abdominal pain, drastic weight loss for no reason and constantly feel tired.

The abdominal pain is usually dull, so it will not usually cause alarm in a person. Most commonly, the strongest pain will be felt around the liver, since it is being caused by the friction of the fatty liver rubbing up against other organs.

TreatmentIt is best to start living a more healthy life if you are diagnosed with a fatty liver. The best remedy for this condition is weight loss. This can be obtained through exercise, a low fat diet and decreasing the amount of alcohol that is being consumed regularly.

It is also to make sure that blood sugar levels are normal, because this will ease the fatty liver pain, especially in diabetics.

Orsodeoxycholic acid has also been known to improve liver functions.

Simply put, the best way to get rid of the pain being caused by a fatty liver and to prevent fatty liver disease from occurring again, is to practice a healthy lifestyle, including a nutritional and low fat diet, exercise and a decrease in alcohol consumption and smoking.

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