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Gout is the name for acharacteristic type of arthritis that appears in the joint at the base of thebig toe, and that is featured by sudden and severe pain, redness, and tenderness injoints. This acute condition ismore frequent in men than in women, although it usually occurs in women aftermenopause.

Symptoms and causes of gout

The symptoms of gout occursuddenly and usually at night. The most frequent warnings of gout are intensejoint pain in ankles, knees, heels, feet, hands, wrists, and in the joint atthe base of the big toe. This pain is the strongest in the first day, afterthat some lingering discomfort appears and can last even several weeks. Moreover,inflammation, redness and swelling of the affected joint are also warning signsthat may be present in the case of gout.

Among the main causesfor the occurrence of gout are the uric acid crystals, which can be found injoints and tendons. It is always bestto visit a doctor if the symptoms become serious, in order to avoid certaincomplications that may occur, such as the lasting joint damage, for example. Several kinds offoods are recommended to be avoided by those suffering from gout, and among these are red meat, poultry, shellfish,sardines, mackerel, as well as herring, and asparagus. In additionto these foods, mushrooms, peas, beans, and lentils are also suggested to be avoided.The doctors usually advise not to consume alcohol or coffee, because it can bealso harmful for the pain in the gout.

Best supplements forgout

In the case of gout,the water must be taken in large amounts, but apart from this, 6 to 10 bromelaincapsules at one time are recommended, in order to fight the acute gout pain. Besides relieving the pain, this supplement also reduces the inflammation. Furthermore, rosemaryoil can be very helpful also, but it must be applied on the inflamed area, though onlyin the case when the skin is not broken. Olive oil can be added to rosemary oilif the skin is sensitive to rosemary oil.

Bing and black cherriesor cherry concentrate in large amount can contribute to solving the problemof painful gout. It is regarded that cultured cabbage juice is better than the above mentioned supplements for the treating of gout problems. Moreover, fruit and watermelonseeds are also very often recommended when a person suffers from painful gout. It is also highly recommendedto eat yogurt, or to consume the foods that are rich in magnesium and calcium.

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