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Whatis Facial Sweating?

Excessivefacial perspiration can prove to be a much more severe problem thanperspiration in other parts of the body simply due to the fact thatit is much more obvious to other people. Known as cranial facialhyperhidrosis, excessive facial perspiration can be the mostdifficult to treat. There are many reasons for this kind of sweating,divided between the two main types of hyperhidrosis: primary andsecondary.

Primaryhyperhidrosis is often hereditary, and is the result of sweat glandsbecoming hyperactive due to over-stimulation of the glands. Secondaryhyperhidrosis is an indication of a more subtle, underlying medicalproblem. When the function of specific body parts or systems isimpaired by strange incongruities, homeostatic adaptations can occur,leading to hyperhidrosis. Other medical conditions that can lead tosecondary hyperhidrosis include hyperthyroidism, cardiovasculardeficiencies and diabetes. However, almost all people suffering fromhyperhidrosis experience the primary type, and there are many naturaltreatments that can help relieve the symptoms.

ControllingFacial Sweating

Seeinga doctor or physician is an essential first step in thesesituations as they will be able to determine whether the hyperhidrosisis primary or secondary and give advice based on this diagnosis. Theywill also rule out the possibility that another condition is causingthe sweating.

Thenext step is to make sure that the body does not become dehydratedfrom the excessive sweating, thus drinking plenty of water and otherbeverages (such as fruit juice) is advised.

Certainantiperspirants can help in this case as well. Some are developedspecifically for facial sweating, and contain salicylic acid andaluminium chloride that block the pores and absorb excess oil. Smallamounts of these antiperspirants should be applied when first tryingthem out in order to foresee problems such as allergic reactions ofthe skin.


Theseare most likely not a good idea, simply because of the risk involvedin undertaking surgical treatments such as Botox injections. Also,they do not have 100% success rates and are usually fairly expensive.Instead, try one of the many available natural treatments that havealready been proven to be very effective in combating primaryhyperhidrosis.

Naturalcures do not, for the most part, have any side effects, like certainmedical procedures tend to. However, do not combine too many naturaltreatments, as the mix of various substances can have a negativeeffect and may produce allergic reactions that will end up being muchworse than sweating.

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