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Another case of a cosmetic intervention went wrong, and this time it was all about the music star famous for his country music Kenny Rogers and his plastic operation. Allegedly, Kenny Rogers tried to get the lines from around his eyes removed. At that time he was sixty seven years old. After the intervention he realized that this was not the thing that he sought after. The skin on his face had become very tight. Although, many people, including his new spouse, loved his new look, he was not satisfied and he wanted to repair the damage. After that he hired a team of highly qualified surgeons to repair his loss. Kenny Rogers said that he can’t stand the tightness of his skin around the eyes, and that he will do anything that needs to be done to fix that problem. After this failure he confessed that he will not go for any cosmetic operation in his life again.

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As many people saw it, this Kenny Roger's plastic intervention appeared as a fiasco straight from the start. Once he had a surgery, it looked like Kenny's forehead became strangely flat and non-natural. Although he appeared much younger, he did not look like the same Kenny Rogers any more. He looked strange, and lost that grace that people gain in their older age. Finally, the problem was that Kenny Rogers lost a lot faithful of fans. They did not mind the fact that this was the same Kenny Rogers whose songs were popular in the eighties.

Kenny Rogers was a singer who had performances with many of the well-known singers and country music stars of all generations, although he seemed to be a bit behind when we are talking about pop music. It is a completely different thing that he has been married many times, but his songs and duets with so many stars will always be remembered. Now, with his young-looking and spotless face, it seems everything is changed. Even considering that he once had that tough and countryside looking face which reminds you of the life and times that he sang about in his songs. Still, it is a known detail that Kenny Rogers was frequently teased by his colleagues about his weight and his heavy appearance throughout his entire career. That is why he he was concerned a lot about his look from the start. In fact, he used to exercise a lot because he wanted to control his weight.

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