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Plastic surgery is a medical specialty that deals with correction and restoration of organ and tissue form and their function. Even though its primarily goal was to restore the lost function today plastic surgery is most commonly performed out of aesthetic reasons.

Plastic surgery includes a variety of procedures and many types of reconstructive surgeries. Apart from being used in purpose of aesthetic corrections this medical specialty includes hand surgery, microsurgery and is performed as means of treating burns. Plastic surgery also plays a significant role in treatment of skin tumors. What are Benefits of Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery helps people to live better and to be more satisfied with their appearance. These facts refer to people who have had some sort of injury as well as to those who wish to change something regarding their looks. Plastic surgery can save lives which is the case of a surgical treatment of burns and skin tumors. Still, this specific branch of surgery is most commonly performed out of aesthetic reasons.

Plastic Surgery and Insurance

Many people wonder whether plastic surgery is covered with insurance. This depends on the particular surgery and varies a lot. For example, in people who have undergone weight-loss surgery it may be possible that the following abdominoplasty may be covered with insurance. This depends on the insurance company. Furthermore, reconstructive surgery in women who have been operated due to breast cancer is covered with insurance. Still, many procedures that are performed strictly out of aesthetic reasons are not covered with insurance and patients must pay for them.

Who is Suitable Candidate for Plastic Surgery?

There are specific indications for plastic surgery. Furthermore, some people choose certain procedures but they need to be healthy enough to undergo surgery. This is why prior any operation a patient must consult a surgeon, undergo thorough physical examination and certain tests and doctor then determines whether the person is eligible to be operated or if there are contraindications for the surgery.

Consultation with a surgeon is essential and no one undergoes a surgical procedure prior proper medical examination. It is also essential to choose well-experienced and qualified surgeon who will perform the operation.

Additional Info Regarding Plastic Surgery

There are many types of plastic surgery. Today the most required surgery in both genders is liposuction. If we investigate women separately they most commonly undergo breast augmentation. Apart from liposuction and breast augmentation there are three more very popular surgeries. They include eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty and face lift. There is no doubt that people all around the world spend a lot of their money on plastic surgery. It seems that everyone would like to look better and to beat the consequences of the process of aging.

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