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There are many reasons why a person wants to have a tattoo removed. Plastic surgery is the only confident method for tattoo removal. An ideal candidate for tattoo removal would be someone who already outgrows the original reasons for wanting a tattoo, who’s feeling regret or embarrassment about this decoration or someone who’s considering a tattoo removal because of the professional plans that may often demand a neat physical appearance.

Available options

Besides surgical procedure to remove an unwanted tattoo, there are some other options available that may actually save a lot of money. However, cosmetic surgery is the only one that can remove a tattoo completely and permanently. Many of the possible options are yet to become available, and new more or less effective methods emerge almost every month.

Cosmetic surgeryEven a laser surgery for tattoo removal, chemical removal and dermabrasion, are all considered plastic surgery. However, laser surgery is considerably more expensive than a dermabrasion method. Cosmetic surgery is a procedure performed to change the body from outside, for non-medical reasons.

Methods of plastic surgery tattoo removal vary from surgeon to surgeon and from the size and location of tattoo to be removed.Patients should try to establish the appropriate balance between budget and effectiveness, before making a final decision. Many cosmetic methods of tattoo removal should also be taken into charge: partial tattoo removal, lightening a tattoo so that it may be tattooed-over, or cover-up method of tattoo removal.

Pros and cons

Surgical tattoo removal is clean, effective and safe method but there are a few disadvantages. The main drawback is the cost of the plastic surgery as it may be extremely expensive. Sometimes, it may even take a several sessions to remove the tattoo completely. Most medical insurances don’t cover this procedure.

The other options

Many other tattoo removal options are accessible. It is important to carefully investigate all of the potential methods, and have a sober conversation with a potential plastic surgeon. Some of the available options may include

Salabrasion, where area is literally rubbed very aggressively with salt or a salt sanding block. It is often painful and has a tendency to scarring.Laser removal, that breaks up the tattoo ink within the skin. Various wavelengths are used to destroy different colors of ink and eliminate the tattoo without damaging the surrounding skin.Dermabrasion that involves the scraping of skin to remove the tattoo. It uses a rotary abrasive tool to sand off the layers of the skintca, glycolic acid or chemical extraction. A couple of options may even be performed by simple and available “do it yourself” methods.

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