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The popularity of plastic surgery increases. This trend is seen in the number of procedures performed and in the number of people inquiring about plastic surgery. Reality TV shows that present drastic makeovers by means of cosmetic surgery have significantly contributed its popularity. More and more people are turning to plastic surgery to change their appearance even though these operations are quite expensive.

Plastic surgery can result in desired look, as we often see in celebrities. However, these operations can also fail every time they are done due to several reasons. One of these reasons is plastic surgery addiction.

Addiction to Plastic SurgeryThere is a great chance plastic surgery will go wrong in people who repeatedly go under the knife. In fact, plastic surgery addiction is one of the main causes for perceiving plastic surgery as a bad thing.

People who are addicted to cosmetic surgery procedures usually have distorted image of their body, where they choose the operation to change their imaginary flaws. People who develop dependency on cosmetic surgery are typically addicted to anticipation and excitement associated with the operation. After having done plastic surgery, the addicts feel better, happy and satisfied but this is only temporary. After a while, when their life returns to normal and their old problems come back, these people see only one solution, to have another surgery.

Signs of Plastic Surgery AddictionThere are several signs that can point to plastic surgery dependence. Plastic surgery addicts can be often seen on TV and those are people who barely look human. People addicted to plastic surgery can spend enormous amounts of money and time trying to fix what does not have to be fixed.

In most cases it all begins when a person decides for plastic surgery for one or two improvements on their body. Most often it is a breast augmentation or nose job. After having successful procedure, the person decides for another operation to change something else on his or her body or face. Now, the person is developing a dependence on the cosmetic surgery and may end up having dozens of procedures every year.

What Causes Plastic Surgery Addiction?

Plastic surgery addiction is not the same as chemical dependence that we see in drug addicts but psychological addiction caused by low self-esteem and unrealistic image of oneself. In plastic surgery addiction there is a constant need to look beautiful all the time.

People who have addictive personality are highly susceptible to plastic surgery addiction. These people are usually addicted to other things as well such as video games, computers, coffee and other things.

Also, many plastic surgery addicts have body dysmorphic disorder or “imagined ugly syndrome”. This disorder causes affected person to imagine flaws and obsession with the idea of correcting these flaws. People with this syndrome are often the repeat patients as they are never satisfied with the outcome of cosmetic operations.

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