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Even though plastic surgeries are in the greatest majority of cases done for cosmetic reasons, it does not mean that they are less serious than other types of surgeries, or that they involve less risk. However, there are different types of plastic surgery as well, which is why there is no point in talking about possible risks and dangers in general. Some risks are common for all the surgeries, but there are those that are only typical for particular surgeries only.

The truth is that the number of people who decide to undergo a plastic surgery for some reason increases constantly, and it is obvious that the risks and dangers that are possible are not a reason that will make them give up. Another truth is that plastic surgery is much safer today than it used to be at the beginning, and since both medicine and technology are constantly advancing, the chances of something going wrong are lower and lower. Still, sometimes it is simply impossible to prevent and predict negative effect of some procedure, which means that regardless of the advancement and measures of precaution, things can go wrong.

Only a part of the possible dangers

First of all, the patient can develop allergic reaction to anesthesia, although many tests are done in advance in order to reduce the chances. Besides this allergy, the person can also develop allergic reaction to some medication given after the surgery.

If the blood clot develops underneath the skin, it has to be treated timely because it could be fatal. If the tissue fluid accumulates beneath the skin, which is more common in surgery in which a part of some tissue was removed, the person should also be treated. Regardless of the surgery, there is always a chance that some scar will remain, particularly if the incision does not heal the way it should. The nerve can be damaged during the surgery, which will make the patient experience numbness, either temporary or permanent.

The worse outcome is paralysis of particular muscle or muscles, although it is also serious if the muscle remains weakened. The death of the tissue is usually a result of the lack of oxygen to the part of the body which was operated. It happens rarely in procedures such as face lifts, tummy tucks or similar, but it is possible. Internal bleeding might be caused by loosening of the sutures, and this requires another surgery as soon as possible. Death is definitely not common when it comes to plastic surgeries, but it is possible.

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