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Living with the full working schedules over a week and waiting the weekend to take a rest is something that many people are used to do. Is it a little boring to repeat this routine every week in each month of every year in your life? How many times did you do something that you have not even planed but just decided to do right on the place? Aren’t just those things exactly what made you feel really good? There are a couple of sure shot stress busters that can bring much joy to your everyday life and get rid of the tedious reality.

Stress busters

It is said that the best stress buster is a long talk with some old friend who is good at chilling you out. The talk full of light jokes, gossips and cherished memories while sipping out some drink or coffee in a cafe can be quite refreshful and can fill you with positive energy, which may lasts even for days.

Another very good stress buster is spending some high quality time with your family. The family members should be assembled not over a dinner, for example, but over some entertaining game, such as the monopoly game, for instance. During the game, the family members should share stories and memories intermingled with plenty of jokes and funny stories.If you can afford it, do not miss any travel you have planned for years since a trip to some long-desired destination is an excellent stress buster. However, it is recommended to choose the locations that are rich in greenery and fresh air and the stress will disappear immediately while you will be full of energy once you return from the trip.Listening to favorite music in the comfortable chair while eating favorite foods, such as hot cup of chocolate, for example, can do wonders and should be practiced every once in a while. The stress can be successfully managed with the music therapy CDs.The stress can be effectively driven out by watching some funny movies or even cartoons no matter how old are you.Instead of playing Counterstrike on your PCs, it is recommended to go outside and play some real sport. Even simple walking can be beneficial for reducing the stress. There are various sports that can be improvised with a few of friends, like basketball, badminton or soccer. Other excellent stress busters are small chats or gossips with the friends, going to the spa centers, and improving your appearance, as well as inevitable shopping.

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