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Your skeleton is one of the most important things in thebody and you have to take care of your bones. The bones in the body are thereto protect and structurally support different organs. The lungs, heart, bonemarrow and the brain are thus safe and protected from any possible harm. At thesame time, without the bones, ligaments, tendons and the muscles, you won’t be ableto perform any movement. Bones are also found to be very useful to absorb anyunwanted shock or pressure from the surroundings and to act as the reservoir ofmany useful substances. Whenever the body needs calcium, magnesium orphosphorus, it can reach to the bones and take it from there.

Osteoporosis is one of the bone diseases, characterized bythe weakened bone structure and brittle or thin bones. Women are found to beespecially prone to this condition during the menopause. Decreasing level ofhormones in this period of their life may lead to the development ofosteoporosis, so women are advised to visit their doctor and check if they needsome hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

What Is Good for Your Bones?

Healthy and balanced diet is the key factor for healthy and strongbones. Your body and bones both need proper amounts of calcium, magnesium andvitamin D to function at their best.

Foods such as dark green leafy vegetables, broccoli,different dairy products, but also some sardines, salmon and oysters are foundout to be great sources of minerals and vitamins beneficial for human bones. Tomake sure you are taking proper amount of calcium, take more orange juicefortified with this mineral. Milk, cheese and yogurt are also excellent sourcesof calcium, so include them in your daily menu. In order to absorb enoughcalcium, you need to take about 250mg of magnesium every day.

Vitamin D maintains the optimal level of calcium and phosphorusin the body. Without it, the bones might become misshapen, soft, thin orbrittle. To avoid that, simply stay in the sun for about 30 minutes every dayand you will help your body to produce vitamin D. Also, you can take somefruits juices or milk fortified with vitamin D.

In cases when you are not sure if you are taking sufficientamounts of vitamins and minerals for your bones, you can use some multivitaminsand mineral supplements.

Physical activities have been proven to ensure strongerbones. Every exercise is beneficial, but especially walking, running, swimmingand yoga. Dancing and weight lifting also have beneficial impacts on humanbones.

What Should Be Avoided?

Some things are found out to cause harmful effects to thebone health. High intake of caffeine and diets based on the animal proteins arenot useful for your bones. Smoking is another unhealthy habit that may damageyour bones. It can increase the amount of calcium excreted from the body, sothere will be less for your bones to use.

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