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Every person knows how important it is to have a good sunscreen before heading to the beach. However, applying sunscreen should be done not only when a person spends a day near water but every time he or she is going to be exposed for over than 30 minutes. A lot of people believe that every sunscreen is good and will protect them against the harmful UV rays. However, the truth is that that is not the case. Every person has a different type of skin and that is why not every sunscreen will work the same for all people. When a person goes out to purchase a sunscreen, he or she should always read the label before buying in order to know which ingredients can be found in there. For instance, a person with oily skin will with the applying of a cream only clog the pores even more and that will provide with a dull and greasy look of his or her skin. People apply the sunscreen in order to protect their skin from getting tanned. A person who buys the wrong sunscreen may end up experiencing the opposite effect. Certain creams may enhance the production of oils and that will result in accumulation of oil and outburst of pimples and acne. This is one of the main reasons why people need to buy oil free sunscreens for their face. Apart from oil, people should make sure that the sunscreen they purchase is the right SPF factor.

How to choose oil free sunscreen

Before buying the sunscreen people should know what their skin type actually is. People with oily skin should buy oily sunscreens because these sunscreens are water based and therefore good for these people. A person who buys a good brand sunscreen whose SPF factor is more than 25 will not have to worry about getting his or her face oily. A person will know that his or her skin is oily if it is shiny around the T-zone. People should definitely read the label and buy a sunscreen which is gel or water based. People who are active in the water should make sure that the sunscreen is waterproof. Another thing that people should be prepared for when they buy oil free sunscreen is that it is expensive.

Oil free sunscreen for acne

Some of the best sunscreens for people with acne problems are Proactive daily protection plus sunscreen SPF 15 to 30, Neutrogena healthy defense oil free sunblock, Banana boat ultra defense SPF 30 and Coppertone sport continuous spray SPF 50. Best brands of oil free sunscreen

Some of the best sunscreens without oil are ULTA continuous spray sunscreen SPF 30, Burt’s bees chemical-free sunscreen SPF 30 and Anthony oil free facial lotion SPF 15, among others.

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