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During the winter months, a lot of people suffer from dry and flaky skin. People call this condition “winter itch”. Many people think that this condition occurs because of the lack of oil but it is actually the lack of water that causes it. According to the experts, the creams and moisturizers should be applied right after the shower.


The first thing people should do in order to prevent dry skin from appearing is to moisturize it every day. People with sensitive skin should apply moisturizers without perfume while those with normal and dry skin should use cream moisturizers.

Skin cleansing should not be done more than once per day. The reason for this is because excessive cleansing will devoid the skin of its natural moisturizers. If the winter itch does not go away for a long time, a person can take lukewarm showers using non-irritating and non-detergent-based cleansers. Right after the shower he or she should apply water-in-oil-type moisturize to the skin.

Dry skin can also be prevented with household humidifiers.

There are people who do not handle cold that well, so they should avoid extreme cold because of the possible frostbites or some other skin disorders.

People with sensitive skin should protect the skin from the winter sun by using sunscreen of SPF 15. Lots of people are not aware that the winter sun can be just as damaging as the summer sun.

Regular exercising will better the skin. Half an hour aerobics three times per week are sufficient for a healthier skin. However, if a person still has dry skin, he or she should go and talk to a dermatologist.

How to get gorgeous skin

In order to avoid damaging the skin, people should always get the make up off before going to bed. The face should be washed twice, once to get the make up off and then to wash the skin itself.

Exfoliation is important. Delicate scrub should be used but a tablespoon of sugar or oatmeal will help as well if there is none.

Facial masks are also important and it would be best if a person could do it every day. The good thing is that a person can make his or her own mask with just mashed banana or avocado or even plain yogurt.

Lots of people agree that the best cosmetics are the ones that are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive ones.

A person should also hydrate his or her face throughout the day.

The consumption of fresh foods and plenty of water is an important part of this process.

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