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Sunburn itch relief

Almost every person suffers from sunburn at least once in their life. Sunburns are annoying and can cause pain but it becomes more irritant when the itch occurs. Scratching only seems to make things worse. Before getting burned by the sun a good thing a person can do is get to know this problem and how to prevent it. Langerhans and keratinocytes cells are the things that outer layer of the skin is made of. When the skin is exposed to strong ultraviolet light it can get damaged. When the skin cells get damaged and destroyed, unknown proteins get released in the blood and that makes the mast cells release pro-inflammatory cytokines and histamine. Histamine makes the cells aware of the threat and makes the immune system fight it off. It is this large amount of histamine that causes the itchiness.

What to do in case of a sunburn itch

Prevention is the best cure there is. In order to do so a person should apply sun screen when exposed to strong UV rays. However, not everybody plans ahead. Another important thing why a person should be wearing sunscreen is because it can prevent cancer. Connective tissues in a person's skin will break down and that may cause wrinkles to appear if a person does not apply sunscreen.

If a person forgot to apply sunscreen and is suffering from sunburn itch, the best thing he or she can do is to keep the skin moisturized. Most people use cocoa butter for this purpose. Cocoa butter will keep the skin moist. However, this is only a temporary cure and a person will have to apply the butter until the itch has completely disappeared.

If a person does not have cocoa butter or wants to try something else, he or she should try Aloe. Aloe Vera is the most recognizable form of Aloe. Aloe Vera can be found in almost every pharmacy. The pharmacists should be able to tell what is the best thing for them to buy if a person is not sure.

Family doctor is someone who a person who is suffering from sunburn itch can talk to as well. The family doctor should already know the history of a person's body and should be able to advise him or her what to do. A physician is another person people can talk to. It is probably the best solution because of all the possible effects of chemicals and creams people will be exposed to.

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