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About sunburn

Sunburn can affect you duringyour summer holiday and it is manifested as the reddening of the skin andinflamed skin condition. The type of sunburn intensity depends upon the levelof the burns. In mild cases, small redness is presented, while in the moderateones, blisters may appear along with the redness. In more serious cases ofsunburn, infection is often followed by a fever and chill. But, even thoughsunburns can be very discomforting and painful, it is not the main reason whypeople should be careful when it comes to the exposing to sun, the main reasonfor that is the fact that sunburns very often may have a strong influence onthe ageing process and skin cancer.

There are many factorswhich determine whether you will be liable to sunburns or not, and the first oneis your skin pigmentation. Some other factors are geographical location of theperson, time of the day, season of the year, weather conditions etc. The levelof melanin in a person is responsible for effect of the sun on their skin. Ifone has a lot of melanin, their skin would be darker and they are not likely tohave sunburns. On the other hand, if a person has blue eyes, bright tenand fair hair, then the level of melanin in that person is very low and theywould have to avoid sun. To make things even worse, the skin sensitivity can beincreased if you use certain medications that haveincreasing skin sensitivity as one of the possible side effects.

Supplements and herbsagainst sunburn

Supplement are notcapable of preventing sunburns, their only role is to lessen the discomfort anddamage. Supplements are used as topical remedies, and topical treatments aregood and effective because they can instantly bring relief from discomfort thatis caused by sunburn. They are very easily prepared; you only need to mix tendrops of chamomile oil and lavender oil. That mixture is supposed to be put incool water and you should soak in it for a half an hour. In the other method,you will need to have a lukewarm bath with baking soda in it (small amount). Inthe case of severe sunburns, you will need to put along with a few drops ofchamomile or lavender oil, and half an ounce of neutral oil. That mixtureshould be applied to the affected areas two times a day.

Aloe vera gel isanother possibility that will help you speed up the healingprocess. Supplements such as vitamin C and vitamin E can be also veryuseful, because they bring relief from free radicals. There are certainthings that you can do for yourself in order to avoid sunburns. It is ofhighest importance to put sunscreen cream with a sun protection factor of atleast 15 on your skin. Avoid the sun from 10 AM to 3 PM, because it is a timeof the day when the rays of the sun are the strongest and you can very easilyget sunburns. If it happens for you to burn on a sun, then avoid it for coupleof days and wear cotton things.

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