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Most people like summer a lot. It is the sunniest part of the year, when we spend most of our free time outside, enjoying the weather. Truly, there are not many things which are more relaxing than sunbathing on the seaside. However, during your sunbathing sessions, you may notice that you have gone overboard, feeling the burning sensation affecting your skin. This takes place due to ultraviolet rays that the Sun emits, penetrating through the outer layers of our skin. Naturally, our skin can protect itself from this by tanning. Yet, this happens only when we are careful and spend moderate amounts of time enjoying the sun.

On the other hand, whenever we overexpose our skin to the sun rays, it is likely to get sunburnt.

Treating Sunburns

Fortunately, there are many ways of dealing with sunburns successfully. One of the best ways is reacting immediately, getting away from the sun and exposing your skin to a cloth soaked in cold, whole milk. You can leave the cloth on for about 20 minutes, washing it off with cold water afterwards.

Alternatively, you can take about 15 teabags of black tea and place them in a bathtub filled with water, until the very water turns black. Afterwards, you are to soak a piece of clothing inside the water, leaving it on your skin for about 15 minutes, repeating the process once you soak the cloth again. You may even go to sleep with the cloth on, waking up in the morning relieved from sunburns.

Also, an oatmeal bath may help. Additionally, you may opt for a good herbal treatment with aloe vera gel. This product removes the pain and the irritation which may affect the sunburnt area. Skin moisteners or sunscreen lotions will work as well.

A painful, but useful cure can be found through applying raw tomato slices on the troublesome areas.

Importantly, you need to take good care of your sufficient water intake, since sunburn causes dehydration. Thus, eat healthy and make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. While suffering from sunburns, you are advised to stay out of the sun, let the skin perspire by exposing it completely or covering it with light, loose fitting, cotton clothes. Do not rub the skin since it can make things significantly worse.

What about the Itching?

If itchiness starts bothering your sunburnt skin, you are best to take a cold shower, without using soaps or other such products. Ten minutes of showering will do. Just make sure you use the towels for wiping gently, avoiding irritating the damaged skin.

Vinegar can ease the itching. Place it in a spray bottle and apply it onto the skin, leaving it on. Cucumber juice application is yet another possible remedy.

However, the best cure is prevention, so keep your skin well protected by using sunscreen, protective clothing and other measures safety from sunburns.

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