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About Sunburns

A sunburn occurs on the skin when it gets exposed to sunlight and ultraviolet light for extended periods of time. It is always better to prevent it from occurring than treating it.

It gets triggered by the ultraviolet radiation. The skin becomes inflamed, and if not taken care of properly the condition may even lead to malignant melanoma, aging of the skin and premature wrinkling.

The symptoms of this rather unpleasant medical condition usually include chills, vomiting, fever, nausea and a few other symptoms which are very similar to the symptoms a person may experience when having flu.

Most cases also include blistering which may involve tiny blisters or huge blisters covered with water which protect the red, tender skin which is located beneath them.

Home Remedies for Sunburns

Fortunately enough, there are numerous different home remedies which can be used to treat and relieve the symptoms of sunburns. There are certain types of lotions which need to be avoided because they may lead to allergic reactions because they contain topical anesthetic medications.

One can make a paste made from turmeric, yogurt and barley and then apply it topically to the affected area. Sunscreen should be used at all times when spending extended periods of time out in the sun.

It is also recommended to wear protective, light-colored clothing and perhaps a hat. Soaking in the tub may be helpful in some cases. The tub may be enhanced by teabags and hydrogen peroxide which are very efficient in relieving the symptoms of sunburns and cooling down the skin located at the affected area.

Plantain, apple cider vinegar and cold aloe vera gel can also be applied topically in order to relieve the symptoms. The sunburns can also be treated topically with gauze dipped in milk or tea. This treatment is very efficient in reducing redness and painful sensations. Coconut oil and ice can also be used in a topical manner in order to relieve all the common symptoms affiliated with this medical condition.

Slices of cucumber or potato can also come in very handy when it comes to the treatment and reduction of inflammatory conditions, redness and painful sensations which are commonly associated with all types of sunburns.

Cabbage leaves can also be of great help when mashed into a pulp and applied topically onto the affected areas. Other beneficial ingredients that can be used for an effective treatment of sunburns include the green gourd, honey and lime juice.

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