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The face is the most sensitive part of human skin which is constantly exposed to the sun. The skin is naturally predisposed to absorb ultraviolet rays of the sun. If it this short-term exposure, it is about the sun, which in many cases it may be useful. However, prolonged exposure to sunlight, especially in the conditions of the damaged ozone layer, causes burns that can become very dangerous to human health. If the person is often unavoidably exposed to sunlight, he/she should know everything about adequate and quality remedies and products that protect skin from sunburn.

Sunburn is manifested in the extreme facial pain, swelling of eyelids, itchy skin, redness and rash. Burns in severe cases can cause fever. Regarding mentioned sunburn symptoms, it is necessary to as soon as possible access their medical treatment. There are many creams and lotions for treatment of sunburn, but the priority is still given to home and natural remedies.

Aloe Vera is one of the most efficient plants for the regeneration of damaged skin. Treating sunburns assumes using its juice or leaves which rub on the burned places. In case of severe facial burns, Aloe Vera leaves can be rubbed on the damaged areas and waited one day before washing the face.

Potatoes and tomatoes are also proven very effective in treating sunburn. It is necessary to cut these vegetables into slices, or squeeze their juice and apply on burns. Then, it is necessary to wait five minutes allowing vegetables to act and then it should rinse the face.

Cold milk is the best home remedy for treating sunburn. It is rich in fat and lactic acids which accelerate the regeneration of burned skin. It is necessary to take a cloth, moisten with cold milk and apply a compress directly on the sunburn.

Tea bags can be very effective in relieving pain caused by eyelids and lips sunburns. It is necessary to saturate any tea bags in cold water and apply to the burned places. This will reduce swelling and pain and relieve sunburns.

There are many more natural ways for relieving symptoms of sunburn. Some of these methods include: gently rubbing coconut oil on the skin, rubbing the face with cucumber slices and applying a mixture of honey and lime juice directly on sunburns.

These remedies really help in faster healing of sunburn. However, it is necessary to try not to catch any sunburn bearing in mind the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. This means: wearing sun glasses, wearing a hat that will provide adequate shelter to the face, the application of creams and lotions to alleviate the effects of radiation, regular washing, drinking plenty of fluids and as the most important precautionary measure, avoiding prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation of the sun.

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