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The sun is known to be harmful to our skin. Still, we seem to neglect this fact over and over again and expose our bodies to sun repeatedly not taking sufficient care about proper sun protection. This is the reason why so many individuals repeatedly suffer from sunburns and the associated skin issues.

Apart from being very painful, sunburns are known to make skin dry, are associated with skin discoloration and may cause peeling as well as formation of new pigmented changes (brown spots) and wrinkles. Unprotected exposure to sun is also known risk factor for different skin cancers. All in all, once sunburns occur there is noting else to do but to repair damage and help skin regenerate and regains its elasticity and lost moisture.

Sunburns and Dry Skin- Treatment approach

The skin affected by sunburn is red, dry, irritated and rather painful. because it has lost most of its water, the skin is also tight and eventually becomes itchy.

Initially when inflammation is most severe patients are due to keep the affected parts cool and provide with sufficient moist. The best thing one can do is apply cold compresses such as towels dampened with cool water. taking a cool bath is another solution. After the mentioned one may apply a moisturizing cream. it is better to stay away from product containing alcohol because these may only dry the skin further.

If there are blisters on the skin, these should be left intact. They will withdraw spontaneously and by bursting then an individual is only increasing the risk of skin infection. Sometimes, covering the blisters with gauze may be good but only they are lightly covered.If one is dealing with unbearable pain , he/she may opt for OTC anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen.

Peeling skin should be manipulated gently. A few days after sunburns occur the skin starts to peel and the outermost layer of the ski containing dead and damaged cells is removed. Even though the skin peels one should keep on applying a moisturizer in large quantities.

Further Protection

It is essential to protect the skin from repeated sunburns. Sunscreens are, therefore, supposed to be used abundantly and frequently. One should purchase a broad-spectrum product, the one that provides with proper protection against ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B radiation. SPF must be at least 15 and is mostly applied several times during sun exposure.

Apart from sunscreen while being in the sun one should wear suitable hats and clothes of appropriate color covering the most exposed parts of the body.

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