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Nowadays, people are looking for various ways to enhance their health and one of the ways is to make fresh juices from certain green vegetables. This is considered to be one of the healthiest ways a person can better his or her health. Even though fresh fruit and vegetable juices of other colors are also very beneficial for a person's health it is the green ones that are the best.


Chlorophyll is probably the main reason why green fruits and vegetables are better than fruits and vegetables of other colors. None of the other fresh juices can provide the health benefits of chlorophyll. This is a certain plant chemical and pigment which makes the green plants look so good and healthy green. Dark green vegetables and plants have the highest amount of chlorophyll. Some of the best sources of chlorophyll are kale, collard greens, cucumber skins, wheat-grass, spinach and broccoli.

Apart from providing the green color for the plants and vegetables, chlorophyll has some other very important health benefits. First of all, people should be aware that chlorophyll is a very strong antioxidant.

Cancer prevention is another very important health benefit. Chlorophyll aids in the protection from cancer development at the DNA level. Since it is an antioxidant, chlorophyll protects the DNA cells from free radicals which are known to cause damage to these cells. It is important to protect the cells because damaged cells will deliver wrong DNA code for the creation of new cells. Another good thing about chlorophyll is that it helps already damaged cells in their recovery process.

Building blood is another health benefit that can be gained from chlorophyll. The chemical structure of chlorophyll is quite similar to a person's red blood cells named hemin. The only difference is that chlorophyll does not have an iron atom in its center. However, upon digestion the structure of chlorophyll is altered and it becomes exactly the same as the one of hemin.

A person who consumes chlorophyll will cleanse the blood because it is an oral chelator and detoxification agent.

Promoting a healthy body PH

Most of the foods that a person consumes every day are acidic in nature. This moves the PH of the body towards an overly acidic environment. By drinking fresh green juices a person will be able to restore the balance. There are various health conditions that occur when a person's PH is overly acidic. A person should also know that a majority of bacteria and viruses grow and thrive in an acidic environment.

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