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Tenderness inthe front region of the knee

The painthat is concentrated in the front area of the knee, near the patella or kneecap, is what is being referred to as anterior tenderness of the knee. It canbe said that this medical orthopedic problem is among those that occur mostoften, especially in people who do some sport. The reasons for the onset ofpain in this area of the leg are many. For instance, some people will suffer aphysical blow to the knee, and the pain will linger on for some time followingthe event.

In somepeople pain in the front of the knee is caused simply by overuse or extremelyprolonged repetition of a movement. People who cycle or run will sometimes getto hurt their knees this way. The actual moment when the injury is likely toappear will vary from person to person, and it depends on several differentfactors such as age, physical shape and state of health of the person inquestion. After getting this kind of injury, the patient may suffer fromvarious repercussions, such as pain while descending the stairs, tendernesswhen squatting or while doing their usual physical activities.

Sometimesthe patella of the knee might get inflamed. This unpleasant condition canappear when a person works out to much, excessively repeating bending of theleg, or when the knee joint is exposed to very low temperatures. The consequenceof this inflammation process will be pain while bending and straightening theknee, as well as tenderness experienced when you touch the patella. The recoveryprocess takes a while, and it is important to follow the tips forrehabilitation and treatment.

Success in fighting the problem

There aredifferent ways to approach treating of the problem of pain in the anteriorregion of the knee. First of all, make sure to consult your doctor and get the necessaryguidelines for your case. Often the doctor will recommend a combination of twoapproaches. One of them is often application of anti-inflammation medications,typically in the form of cream. These creams are very efficient, and need to beapplied regularly for a week or two in most of the cases. In addition, thedoctor may recommend some exercises for strengthening of the thigh muscles,since stronger legs means less injuries.

In some rareinstances of injury, the doctor will recommend surgery. However, do not fearthis option, since it is extremely efficient in cases of serious knee injuries.

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