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The leg movement can be restricted due to the condition that will be the focus of this article and it is called bone spur in knee. Osteophyte is the medical term that is associated with this problem, which is actually extra bony growth located over the bone structure. Locations on which it usually develops are hands, heels, shoulders, neck, but it can occur in every part of the body. Older people usually suffer from bone spur located in the knee. The knee cap, or the patella, lower leg, or tibia and upper leg bone, or femur are three parts of the knee joint and they give knee bone structure stability. In knee, we also have ligaments, tendons and muscles. The problem we are talking about may not develop symptoms but over time, it will become bigger, start rubbing on surrounding tissue, and cause serious pain.


This problem causes great pressure, which further results in stretching and rubbing of the knee joint and wearing out of the cartilage. And all of this causes the development of the bone spurs, which are created by the body in order to prevent additional damage of the cartilage and repair the damage done. The bone spur can be causes by osteoarthritis. Some other causes of the problem are obesity, aging, lack of physical activity, nutritional deficiency, poor posture, knee injury and buildup of the calcium. Middle-aged persons suffer most from these causes and bone spurs in knees.


In the early stage of this problem, no symptoms will be present and this creates no need for treatment. But once the rubbing of the spur with tendons, ligaments and nerves begins, the problem starts. The symptoms can vary and they determine the course of the treatment. Rest is needed if the problem is causing mild pain. Also, the use of stretching exercises, anti-steroidal anti-inflammatory and ice pack application will be needed. The pain can be reduced and the bone spur growth can be stopped with the steroid administration done by the doctor. Stress on the knee will be great if the patient is overweight, so these patients need to reduce body mass. Surgery is done for most serious cases and it is considered last resort. Only healthy patients are candidates for this surgery, which requires rehabilitation and physical therapy afterwards. This will bring back the knee flexibility. You can try acupressure, acupuncture, massage therapy or some other alternative treatment method. So, try to consume calcium, exercise, have healthy body weight and eat properly in order to prevent the problem. See a doctor immediately if you are having a problem with bone spur in the knee or other location.

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