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Pain in Foot Characteristics

Many of us are bound to have already felt foot pain at some point of our lives. Namely, this pain can strike a person while running, or simply by living a hectic life, where running around seems to be the only thing you do. Then, a sudden onset of a serious pain can prove to be quite discouraging and painful, interfering with and affecting your mobility greatly. Apart from this factor, there is another common one, and this is wearing ill fitting shoes. Many cases of foot pain were caused by wearing inappropriate shoes, especially if you feel pain in your toes and the back of your foot. On the other hand, a sudden pain in the ball of your foot is a clear indicator of overuse and straining. Thus, next time you experience foot pain, be careful and treat it adequately, since this is not a situation to be trifled with.

What Else May Cause Foot Pain?

Apart from the two factors mentioned above, involving buying a shoe which is simply not made for your foot, you might overdo it while you are exercising and hurt your feet. Too much jogging, running, aerobics and many other physical activities may all result in a sudden onset of pain in your foot. Moreover, you might even develop some foot conditions like heel spurs, plantar fascilitis, stress fractures etc.

Some kind of illnesses and medical conditions may be behind the pain you feel in your feet. These are mostly problems related to arthritis, diabetes and high blood pressure. All of these are capable of causing pain, swelling, inflammations, infections and other problems, all related to and centered in your feet.

Risk Groups for Foot Pain

As we grow older, our body grows old and becomes more susceptible to various injuries, age is considered to be one of the risk factors for experiencing foot pain. Thus, older people are more likely to have problems with their feet due to deformations which affect them from “wearing and tearing” which took place during the course of one's lifetime. What is more, arthritis and/or diabetes are usually connected with older age. Therefore, these two even increase chances of developing pain in feet.

Women present another group in danger of having sore feet and being troubled by them in various ways. This is so due to the fact that women, throughout their lives, tend to wear heals, some more often than the others. Either way, this leaves an impact on your feet, which later results in problems and pain in this area.

Finally, people who are into sports and are doing it professionally, meaning quite often, are almost bound to overuse their feet, triggering the pain.

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