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Morning Foot Pain Facts

A lot of people suffer from pain in the foot especially inthe morning. Many of them are older people who can`t bear the pain, and asthey get older the pain is getting worse. If not treated on time it can haveserious consequences. There are various causes of foot pain in the morning andone of them can be a condition called plantar fasciitis. It appears right aftera person gets out of the bed and, as the years go by, the condition gets worseand worse. The doctor is the most suitable person to tell you if plantar fasciitis is the condition that you suffer from or not.

Causes of Morning Foot Pain

If you walk or stand fora long time, your feet can start hurting. But after you have slept for couple ofhours, your feet have rested. However, this is not the case all thetime. There are people who experience the pain in the foot first thing in the morning.Some of the causes of it can be a sudden gaining of excessive amount of weight, or broken bones or a stress fracture. Heredity foot conditions andsprained ankle can also be causes of foot pain in the morning. Other causesinclude conditions of supination or pronated feet, heel or bone spurs, playingtoo much golf or jogging and running in the recent past. Aging,improper standing, and walking can also affect you to have foot pain in the morning.You should pick the most suitable footwear for your feet, so you won`texperience the foot pain.

Treatment for Foot Pain

Foot pain must be treated properly for the best results. Thereare certain things that can be done to reduce the pain. Some of them canrelieve your pain for short or long period of time and you can use them at homeor in the hospital as long as you are doing it right. Such remedies includeheel spur exercises, crutches or painkillers with consultation ofdoctor. Not standing in one place for a long time can prevent you from havingfoot pain. Try to elevate your foot if you are sitting for longer period oftime. Staying physically inactive can also prevent you from the pain in thefoot. If your feet are swollen, try dipping them in the bowl of ice, since it willreduce the swell. Not all of the listed remedies are successful in treatment. Visitinga doctor can be one of the best solutions for treating the foot pain in themorning, since the specialist is the right person to give you the exact cause of the pain. Evenif the foot pain in the morning is not severe or your foot hurt once in awhile, you must not ignore the signs.

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