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Foot is a very complex structureof human body; it has numerous bones (26), tendons, nerves, muscles andligaments (120), and joints (33). Numbers of steps we make daily are inthousands, and three times our entire body weight is placed in very small areaof the foot each time we make a step. So considering all this, having a footpain should not be uncommon, and it is not.

Almost all people experience footpain at least several times in their lives. Most common type of foot pain isheel pain, but there are some very simple and effective solutions for you, todeal with that and any other type of foot pain.

So, in order to inform you tounderstand and have some information about foot pain, how it happens, why, andhow to deal with it, here is some useful tips.

There are several factors thatcan lead to foot pain occurrence, like:

Dancing or sports

Knee pains, heel pains and skinsplits could be stronger from dancing or engaging in sports. A main thing foryou is not to overstretch yourself in any excessive kind of physicalactivities, in order to prevent this type of injuries.

Age factor

Together with our age process,our feet gets more flatten and wide, our skin becomes drier, and our protectivefat padding on our soles becomes thinner. In cases of older population, footpain also may be first sign of diabetes, arthritis, or circulatory disease.


As with many other health risksduring pregnancy, chances of having pain in your foot are increased during the timeof pregnancy. It is usually due to weight gain, releasing certain hormones thattend to relax the ligaments, or swelling of ankles or feet.

Obesity or excessive and fastweight gain

Overweight people carry manyincreased health risks. Fast weight gain puts additional unexpected pressure tofeet and ankles, causing the possible foot or ankle pains.

Professional risk factors

Depending of your occupation inlife, you have more or less chances to have a foot pain. If you are in the lineof work that includes prolonged periods of standing up or walking too much, youare more apt to foot discomfort or pain.

Gender related risks

Because of fashion shoes and highheels, women has much increased chances to have foot or heel pain or problems,than men? Severe cases of foot pain can also appear in older population ofwomen. In case you have some of these complications, change your footwear for awhile, and give your feet a chance to rest and heal.

One of most efficient andpractical solutions to foot pain and other related problems are foot logicsorthotics. They are very efficient and affordable tools that you can use, inorder to relieve your foot problems. They restore your normal foot position,and help you efficiently with your problems.

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