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In these days, alcohol addiction became a very serious problem, and it could be also big as drug addiction. Sometimes the public forget about alcohol, and it could be explained with the fact that alcohol also can be used in medical purpose. Also it can be recommended to people that suffer anemia, or to people that suffer low blood pressure. Some kind of alcohol such as different kinds of vine or whiskey has the great tradition of product, and this can also be a reason why people do not take alcohol so seriously.

There are a lot of people that have problems with alcohol. These problems are not considered only the health condition, but also the social problems.

People that are abusing alcohol usually start to be violent to their own families, but unfortunately violent behavior can spread to all aspects of life and to endanger the life.

It is important to mention that alcohol abusers can be anybody in any ages, both men and women. Usually teenagers are the most threatened social group, because of their need to fit in some older society. They drink on parties, in disco clubs, even in school, and sometimes this problem is very hard to eradicate.

Protection measures against the alcohol abuse

The great step in battle against alcohol is consciousness of the society.The society must be made on the strong foundation, and alcoholism would not be the problem. If you have good society, you won’t have problems with any kind of addiction. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as perfect society.

The first and maybe most important thing is to people realize that alcoholism is present. The best thing would be that people that have issue with alcohol, first admit the fact to themselves, and then to start to seek for help. Otherwise, any attempt of solute alcohol abuse problem would be hopeless.

If you already decide to stop drinking, the most important thing is to find concrete problems that make you sure more that you want to stop drinking. The strong decision is the half of solution. Those problems could be different such as unproductiveness, painful hangovers, irritability and many other problems. All of these mentioned things can keep you away from having the normal life. Some of the problems could be extremely serious and even to cause death. Those are heart attacks, cirrhosis, alcoholic hepatitis, cancer of the colon and rectum, or breast cancer among women.

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