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Direct Your Goals to Health

Since 2005, people of Glasgow have all decided to make their lives better for them and the rest of their community. As first steps, they stated all the things they wish to improve, regarding their lifestyles, things around them, some other unsatisfying facts etc. There were promises of solving the problems of many poor and even destitute Glaswegians who have nowhere to work and provide for themselves and their families, regardless if they are young or old. Moreover, a problem of alcoholism as well as nicotine and drug abuse way noticed and considered necessary to be solved as soon as possible. As for other aspects of life, people of Glasgow promised to take better care of their mental and physical health since both of these are very important for one's well-being and are often neglected. Finally, diversities were advised to be removed and people accepted as they are. Any hatred of this type was advised to be channeled into constructive effort towards health and lifestyle improvement of the whole Glaswegian society.

Problems and Things In Need of Improvement

One of the main problems in Glasgow is poverty. While some people have more than enough, others are destitute and starving. This gives Glasgow two faces, the happy and satisfied one and that which is crying for food, work and adequate housing, dying in the streets from all the negative effects poverty has on human lifestyles. No health status can be improved as long as there are people who do not have basic necessities for a healthy life for them and their children. Thus, there is more than plenty room for change in this respect.

Secondly, Glasgow needs healthy motivation. Namely, many people are smoking, using drugs and abusing alcohol. Thus, facilities providing support and help for these people need to be made, along with health education being introduced in schools, workplaces, etc. Health consciousness levels need to be raised. People with problems need to be treated and others should be warned of the negative consequences these substances have on their organisms. Finally, physical activity, a healthy diet and lifestyle should be promoted everywhere from schools to television.

Hard life and constant existential problems lead to development of mental pressure, causing more serious mental problems in the long run. Therefore, people need to feel more secure and safe, except fearing starvation every single day. It is up to their their city to provide them with the security they need.

Many people are already willing to make a change, through donations and providing assistance to those who need it. By following their examples, all people who can, may contribute and lead the whole Glasgow society into a better tomorrow where there will be no drug and alcohol abuse, no poverty and life in general will be much more positive.

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