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Alcoholic Abuse and Alcoholism

Alcoholic abuse and being an alcoholic are two different problems and this is something most people are not aware of. People who are having alcohol abuse problem are popularly called functioning alcoholics. Symptoms caused by this, which are caused by alcoholism as well, will be felt by people drinking regularly and in great quantities. There is some level of controlling the actions done during the day by such people. Also, they should be in some contact with the reality but they drink a lot more than they should. But there is a level of drinking they usually set up and do not cross, but this level is set too high. The amount of drinks consumed during the day cannot be controlled at some point. Alcohol takes its toll and causes mental, emotional and physical addiction, which can result in serious problems regarding physical and mental health. Person in this situation will have problems with the world and its place in it due to the inability to function. People who are addicted on alcohol, also called alcoholics, will not be able to control the drinking and this is bound to happen eventually.

Domestic Violence

However, the help is here and for the both problems. The first step of the treatment is finding which problem is present since the treatment depends on it. More physical aid in fight with the overconsumption of alcohol will be present in the treatment of alcoholics, while alcohol abusers will be treated more with the psychological and emotional aid. Domestic violence and alcoholism are probably connected and this was the focus of many studies performed in the past. But some say that these correlations between the domestic violence and alcoholism are misleading. Many of such domestic abuse cases may have been caused by the alcohol abuse, but the same can occur vice versa as well. The bottom line is that this may not be true but the connection certainly exists. There are many cases of parents frightened of their alcoholic child, child frightened of their drunken parent and there are cases of frightened spouses. This is a situation that can be made worse and this is what should not happen. Further issues can be avoided by recognizing the problem and consulting a family member or a friend. Alcohol will make a person act violently since it will not be possible to control the emotions. Problems may be present and it can be detected by change in an individual's physical and emotional behavior. If this is the case, numerous articles, programs and organizations can help you overcome this problem.

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