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An Awkward, Uncomfortable Pain

Passing gasses has been known to be quite a shameful action in the human society. Therefore, people try to seclude these actions of theirs, even though statistics say that every human releases gas 14 times a day, in average. However, sometimes, due to many different factors and underlying problems, people wish to restrain themselves from releasing gas since this process may cause them pain and discomfort. Then, they are bound to make some changes which will truly reduce gas which seems to be pestering them. They might consider buying and taking two activated charcoal pills which are known to absorb all the gases and the toxins from one's organism, making one voluntarily deprived of these troublesome gasses. Next, taking into consideration that certain food is capable of causing this problem, modifying your diet and removing food which causes you to release excessive gasses can solve your problems. Finally, drinking two tablespoons of apple vinegar mixed with orange juice each day and your gas problems are likely todisappear.

Reasons behind Stomach Gasses

One of the main causes of the phenomenon of excessive gas release is the fact that we had swallowed air earlier. Swallowing excessive amounts of air leads to the need of its release, thereby causing gas. Smokers increase their chances of swallowing air significantly. Additionally, some kind of food may cause gasses, once it is dissolved by the bacteria in our stomach. Finally, every time we eat or drink something quickly, we risk a chance of having gasses later, again, due to the trapped air in our stomach.

Manifestations of Stomach Gasses

Stomach gasses manifest themselves every time you are prone to belching and/or are experiencing abdominal pain, bloating or flatulence. Subsequently, belching may be connected with a peptic ulcer disease, gastroesophageal reflux or gastroparesis. Furthermore, your flatulence may mean that your organism is not absorbing carbohydrates well or you may have certain problems with some things you eat. Finally, bloating may be caused by the irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal inflammation, Chron's disease or colon cancer.

Possible Treatment for Stomach Gasses

Since each individual's stomach works in a unique manner, upon visiting your doctor, you will be advised to change your diet, introducing more fruits, vegetables, dairy products, whole grains and foods rich in fat. If this nutrition change does not trigger a change in your gas problems, further research is conducted in order to find the underlying reason behind your condition.

There are certain over-the-counter medications claiming to stop gasses if your take them before or after meals. Some of these are good while the others are not. Therefore, be careful while using these medications without a prescription.

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