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Weight reduction is the something that must not be takenlightly. It is a process that requires a lot from a person, and if those thingsare not done, the process will not be effective as much as we want, although,it has to be said that sometimes people set their expectations too high. Somesay that they need an answer for a question – how to lose 22 pounds whileeating whatever you want, this is something that is almost impossible. For thenormal weight loss that includes a healthy reduction of pounds some things areneeded.

Weight reduction requirements

Those things needed are physical activity and eatingcontrol. It is obvious that those 22 pounds cannot be lost easily. Well, theycan actually, but the surrounding conditions have to be a bit different. Thismeans that you can lose weight while eating whatever you want in a short time,but only if you are physically hyperactive, and usually that is not the case, although, there are diets that allow you to eat many things that should not bepresent in a diet, but only in very small amounts. For example, chocolate dietallows you to eat a very small piece of chocolate each day, but many peopledislike these diets because the amount is very small and it only makes themwant that chocolate even more. On the other hand, there are people who survivethe mentioned diet only by waiting for that small chocolate bar each day.Following a good diet makes your job half done. The other half is increasedphysical ability that might even allow some food that is delicious but nothealthy, even though the fastest way to weight includes strict following ofrules, when it comes to both physical activity and dieting.


South beach diet might be a good choice for those who likeall sort of food present in their menu. This diet even allows occasionaldesert, although it is not recommendable. This diet has three phases. First oneincludes food rich in fiber and it is a most restrictive one. It lasts forabout two weeks and it is followed by second phase, which introduces healthy,balanced meals. It is a start of a long-term period of slow, but healthy weightreduction. The third phase starts when weight is set at a wanted level, and allthat is left is maintaining that value. It might be the most difficult of allphases, but a healthy life is the final goal of each diet.

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