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Skin yeast infections may occur at any location on the human body but the most common places where it occurs include locations between the toes, between the fingers, underneath the toenails, underneath finger nails, between the buttocks, underneath the breasts, along the middle portion of thighs, in the armpit and several others. Certain scientific studies have shown that skin yeast infections can be related to increased levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. Other contributing factors concerning the outbreak of skin yeast infections may include various sorts of skin related diseases, ingestion of steroids, poor overall hygiene, tight fitting clothes and humidity.

A person affected by skin yeast infection may also need to pay extra attention to the food items included in the daily diet, because certain types of food may also be contributing to the development of the infection. Skin yeast infection usually does not have to be that related to the intestinal yeast infections, but they still may share certain symptoms such as painful urination and vaginal discomfort. The most common medical conditions which usually accompany different types of skin yeast infections include ringworm, athlete’s feet, dandruff, toenail fungus, jock itch and several others. Skin yeast infections may sometimes be considered as indicators that there is something else which is wrong inside the human body, such as, for example, different types of lung infections.


There are numerous different types of treatment which can be of great help for all those who suffer from skin yeast infections. The most popular product in recent times is a certain formula which is referred to as Gentian Violet. Another potent product which is also very efficient when it comes to preventing or treating skin yeast infections is called Aceium. Most cases of skin yeast infections may be treated with certain types of antifungal ointments, but only if they are at the beginning stages. Skin yeast infections may be particularly harmful as they may trigger other infections such as penile yeast infections or mouth yeast infections. Skin yeast infections are easily passed by physical touch or by sharing utensils, towels and similar objects which are used frequently on a regular daily basis. Out of all different alternatives which are commonly used for the prevention and treatment, neem is one of the options which is relatively unknown for a large number of people who suffer from skin yeast infection. In fact it can be used for the treatment of all different sorts of fungal infections.

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