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Sexually transmitted disease - STD

Sexually transmitted diseases are the diseases thatare obtained through sexual activities. Each man, without exception, could beinfected by some of the sexually transmitted diseases. No matter if a person has vaginal,anal or oral sex, the signs always appear if they get infected. In most cases,these symptoms are not very obvious.

However, it is very important for every man toconsult his doctor, if he just suspects that he might be infected by some of thesexually transmitted diseases. If the symptoms are recognized in the beginning, thenthe treatment is prompt and the man can be cured completely very fast.

Symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases in men

Gonorrhea is one of the STDs, and this infectionis caused by the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae. The most common symptoms ofgonorrhea in men are burning sensation during urination and yellow or greendischarge from penis. Furthermore, a man with this infection may have swollentesticles with pain. The most frequent rectal symptoms of gonorrhea in men areanal itching and bleeding along with painful bowel movement. This infectionmust be treated immediately, because otherwise, it can cause epididymytis, which is a medical term for the painful testicle ducts. Epididymytis is a very seriouscondition that can induce infertility in men.Chlamydia is another sexually transmitteddisease, which is caused by the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis. The mostfrequent symptoms of this infection are burning sensation during urination, itchingand burning around the penis opening and discharge from penis. Discharge,bleeding and pain in rectum are the signs when this infection spreads to therectum. In the case of oral sex, the bacteria can reach throat.Genital herpes is caused by the herpes simplexvirus and herpes simplex virus 2. The common symptom of genital herpes is theoutbreak of herpes blisters on the genital and anal region. In the beginning, theycan be very painful, but this pain gradually weakens.Syphilis is very serious sexually transmitteddisease and in most cases, the symptoms of this infection appear after many years.Syphilis is a disease that has several stages. In the primary stage the symptomis a single sore, which is named a chancre. In the second stage, the rash appearson skin along with the mucus membranes. Fever, swollen lymph glands and hairloss, as well as headache, weight loss and tiredness occur in the next stage. Thefinal stage has no obvious and visible symptoms, although the organism isinfected and the infection spreads to every system in the body causing the death eventually.The most common symptoms of Human ImmunodeficiencyVirus are fever, sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. Furthermore, a man withthis virus may experience diarrhea, fatigue, mouth sores and rashes.

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