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In this text we will talk about the benefits of eating wolfberries. Other name they have is goji berry and they are the fruit of lycium Chinese and lycium barbarum, and are a part of the Chinese medicine and cuisine. It has many names since it can be found in the regions of southeastern Europe and Asia, and the most frequently used names are Chinese wolfberry, barbary matrimony vine and bocksdorn. We have mentioned that these berries can be used in medicine and also in the preparation of food, but they have to be dried before being used.


They do not grow more than three feet and have a wild perennial bush. They also have thorns and their leaves are shaped as a lance. The thorns are located on the stems, while the fruit develops from the flowers, which are purple. Their color is orange and they have very small seeds, usually 10-60 seeds per fruit. This fruit is mostly used for herbal tea, soup, beer, wine, and it has a lot of protein, carbohydrates, monosaccharides, trace minerals, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, dietary fibers and fat.


We have come to the part in which we will discuss about the benefits of consuming the wolfberry. The use of this fruit in China lasts form many years, during which this fruit has proven to be effective with the elimination of certain health problems. The Chinese people think that if you consume this fruit regularly, your life will be longer and your health will be much stronger. However, all of this is based on their belief and not the facts, though we cannot disregard its great influence and use all across the world.

It will strengthen your immune system, since it has antioxidant abilities. It will aid your bones because of the high level of calcium, and, since it also has a lot of riboflavin, it will reduce the chances of developing certain eye problems and macular degeneration. Wolfberries also reduce the chances of some cardiovascular problems, cancer and inflammatory conditions, and it has certain antibacterial and antifungal abilities. If you use this fruit, it will help you with the sex life, give you more endurance and help your liver. We have stated a few of the most common benefits that come from the use of wolfberry, and it is up to you to decide whether you want to give them a try or not.

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