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Noise Is All around Us

Due to the recent stages of humandevelopment and the latest trends in the society itself, our hearingmay be more endangered than ever before. Surely, there has alwaysbeen noise, booming with the beginning of the industrial era, when construction, machines and other sources of noise started becoming more and more common. However,nowadays, in addition to all the noise we are exposed to whilewalking down the streets, many of us tend to keep our headphones in our ears andlisten to quite loud music for hours on a daily basis.

MP3 players, being portable and easilycarried with us, have become a normal gadget to be worn and listenedto whenever we leave our households. Thus, as soon as you leave onesource of noise, you immediately get connected to another one. However,the proximity of the earphones to the delicate system of our ear isdangerous on many levels and leads to the overall increase of hearloss, especially in the newer generations.

Our bodies have never got accustomed to this kind of noise. Walkman devices were popular but were not used as much. It all came with compact disk players and MP3 playersalmost every person in the world has. Moreover, these are implementedin mobile phones so that every person owning this communicationdevice may indulge into this way of listening to music as well. Thus, year by year,we lose our hearing faster than ever before.

What Can Be Done?

First of all, knowing that preventionis the best cure, we need to reduce our exposure to noise. Surely,you may listen to your favorite songs on your iPod. However, bear inmind that these devices can be very loud and contain thousands ofsongs. So, keep their volume under or around 60% and never forget tolet your ears take a rest every now and then. Learn to enjoy silenceand expose your tired ears to it whenever you get a chance.

Upon being exposed to the city noise, try to stay away from the source andisolate yourself somehow. Finally, whenever going to a concert or alarge music manifestation of this type, wear earplugs. These thingsdo not cost much but can help you save your ears and keep themhealthy. In return, later in life, your ears will able to be therefor you, offering you the incredible blessing of hearing sensationfor many years to come.

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