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Information on Xyphedrine

Xyphedrine is supposed to boost the metabolic rates to the maximum. It will also supposedly be very efficient in reducing the appetite, increasing the levels of energy, increasing the levels of insulin and reduce the amount of fat in the human body. The official website claims that the efficiency of xyphedrine can even be compared to the efficiency of amphetamines and cocaine. Xyphedrine contains 200 milligrams of dicaffeine malate, 20 milligrams of synephrine, 200 milligrams of chocamine and 20 milligrams of phenylethylamine. This product comes with a two month money back guarantee.

Xyphedrine Side Effects

The official website sports some very bold claims about the product and uses numerous scientific terms and words in order to make it sound much more professional. The product does not contain any amphetamines, cocaine or any other illegal substances in spite of the fact that it gets compared to some of them. Xyphedrine contains 200 milligrams of caffeine while one can of Red Bull contains 80 milligrams of caffeine so it is easy to understand the potential dangers of this product.

Side effects of all caffeinated products usually may or may not include certain medical conditions such as anxiety, increased levels of energy, overstimulation, jitters, and sleeplessness. Xyphedrine also contains a substance called phenylethylamine which may also be associated with certain adverse effects such as heartburn, high blood pressure, headaches, difficulty breathing, and nausea. Other side effects may include hypertension. Another substance contained in xyphedrine, called synephrine may be affiliated with all the aforementioned side effects and it may also have a negative effect on the levels of sugar in the blood.

Does Xyphedrine Work Well Enough

Xyphedrine has very potent diuretic properties, which means that one may expect to lose some weight instantly after starting taking this product. Those who suffer from diabetes, asthma and hypertension should stay away from xyphedrine because it may be affiliated with certain serious side effects. Another reason why xyphedrine should be avoided is that it is very expensive when one compares to the other similar products that are available on the market.

The four basic ingredients of xyphedrine each have their own assignment and purpose. The xyphedrine formula is very powerful. Dicaffeine malate burns the fat and it is actually a buffered version of caffeine. Chocamine is a strong antioxidant substance derived from chocolate and it is very efficient in improving numerous functions of the human body. Phenylethylamine also gets derived from chocolate and it is beneficial in suppressing one’s appetite. Synephrine comes in very handy when it comes to increasing the levels of energy, boosting the metabolism and decreasing the appetite.

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