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Information on Bilberry Extract

Bilberry extract usually comes in the form of tablets. It isa health supplement which gets derived from ripe bilberries. Sometimesoverconsumption of bilberry extract in any form may lead to occurrence ofcertain side effects. Bilberry comes from the genus of Vaccinium which containsnumerous different species and all of them are related.

All the related plantswhich belong to the genus of Vaccinium bear edible fruits. Bilberry extractusually comes from the one which is botanically referred to as vacciniummyrtillus. Bilberries can be compared to blueberries, although they are usuallya little smaller and their color is slightly darker. Billberries develop in asingular form or in pairs, while blueberries are borne in clusters. Bilberryfruit can be consumed in its raw form or it can be dried first. It can also beused to prepare different types of teas, flavored drinks, juices, pies andjams. The bilberry extract can be obtained in the form of tablets but there areusually different concentrations available on the market.

The supplements arevery popular because bilberry contains anthocyanidin and tannin which can be ofgreat help in improving the blood circulation and night vision. The content ofthese substances is standardized to a certain value of concentration so thesupplement contains them in a larger amount than the actual fruit. Supplementoverdose may sometimes lead to certain side effects.

Bilberry Extract Side Effects

The prescribed daily dose for bilberry extracts is between60 and 160 milligrams while the suggested daily intake of bilberry fruits intheir raw form is no more than 60 g.

Individual dosage may also be affectedby numerous other factors and certain medical problems. Different brands ofextracts may also recommended different dosages for their respective products. Sideeffects only occur in rare cases and they are usually triggered byoverconsumption. Sometimes they can be triggered by medicine interactions orcontaminated products as well. The most common side effect of bilberry extractis diarrhea. It usually resolves all by itself in a couple of days.

Theseherbal supplements may sometimes cause rashes and other skin conditions as apart of an allergic reaction. Bilberry extracts may also sometimes interactwith certain medicaments which are used for the blood thinning. They may alsobe affiliated with low levels of sugar in the blood and certain hypoglycemiacomplications. Bilberry extracts may also be the cause of weight loss whenconsumed for prolonged periods of time.

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