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Caffeine addiction side effects


There are a large number of people who simply cannot wake up properly and prepare to make it through a busy day without the morning cup of coffee. Caffeine is a very beneficial stimulant and it may provide the human body with numerous different sorts of health benefits but only when consumed in moderate amounts. Those who are at risk of having liver disease may benefit greatly from caffeine. Caffeine is also known for relieving the pain, increasing the overall strength of the muscles and even increasing one’s mental faculty. All beneficial substances may turn out to be slightly harmful and they may even sometimes be associated with certain types of side effects when consumed in excessive amounts. The most common side effects of caffeine usually include high blood pressure, nausea, sleeplessness, anxiety, heartburn, irritability and restlessness. The shocking fact is that almost 80 percent of the world’s population relies on coffee and other caffeinated products on a regular daily basis when it comes to staying alert throughout the day.


Caffeine is a psychoactive substance and it is a naturally occurring one, as it can be found in various plants and their seeds. The most commonly used sources of caffeine include coffee, tea, different sorts of energy drinks and cocoa beans. One must always know what moderate levels of coffee consumption are and which amounts are considered to be excessive. Moderate amounts of caffeine consumed during one day should not be above 300 milligrams. If a person consumes more than 6000 milligrams of caffeine per day, then it may lead to the occurrence of certain severe side effects. Caffeine addiction may affect one’s personal life in a very significant matter. Caffeine addiction is actually considered as a disorder because it is similar to the addiction to certain kinds of illegal substances. As soon as the person starts showing certain symptoms, the condition can be classified as a caffeine addiction. Those symptoms usually occur after not having any of the substance over a period of just a few hours. The symptoms of caffeine addiction usually include headaches, chills, muscle stiffness, irritability and restlessness. The reactions usually take place in a matter of only a few hours since the last consumed cup of coffee. Caffeine addiction may also affect the lives of the ones who are closely linked to the addict. Having a breakfast and replenishing the energy sources by having periodical small snacks can be of great help.

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