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Before using any medication, everyone should contact their doctor about the possible adverse effects of the same, because the all medicines can cause side effects. If a person uses neutarin as a medication, he can get discomfort at the injection site, and in addition mild swelling of the hands and feet, as well as in muscle and joints. Also, some people can come to a strong allergic reaction that can lead to, for example, rash, tightness in the chest, difficulty while breathing and even swelling of face and lips. Furthermore, it can come to stiffness of the body, itching, stiffness in the palm of the hand, fingers or joints. It also can occur that the person is feeling confused and has the constant need or urge for bowel movement. Hearing loss, and rapid heart rate, increased pressure, feeling of weakness and severe headaches, tribulation, visual changes, dizziness or vomiting may also occur as side effects of neutarin. In addition, in children some side effects such as ear infections, fatigue and weakness, may occur, and there is often a persistent cough. Moreover, the pain in the hip and knees can appear. Difficulty in breathing during sleep is also one of the unwanted side effects of neutarin.

Neutarin side effects

Unwanted effects of neutarin on the body may be general and oncological. As for the general characteristics, Somatropin is generally tolerated well, and with minimal adverse effects. While the oncological side effects are often reported inleukemia, yet the connection with human growth is uncertain. There are side effects of neutarin on the immune system where antibodies appear stubborn in patients with disorders of growth hormone. Influence of neutarin on the nervous system is often accompanied by headache, but patients may feel weakness. Muscular-skeletal side effects may also occur, along with pain in the muscles. Side effects of neutarin occur even in the endocrine and they are manifested by mild hyperglycemia, gynecomastia and rarely pancreatitis.

Adverse effects on the cardiovascular system usually occur in older people and are manifested as a mild and transient edema, often accompanied by nausea, headache and vomiting. Athletes often use neutarin as a growth hormone drug, but it can cause heart and muscle dystrophy, fluid retention, abnormal bone growth as well as an increased risk of cancer. There are also dermatologic side effects that include rash and itching, as well as increased sweating. There may be metabolic side effects which include mild and transient hyperglycemia. Local side effects of neutarin are related to the penetration site which is manifested in the form of pain. There may be adverse effects in the form of allergic hypersensitivity reactions, as well as gastrointestinal side effects that include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. However, in the users of drugs, upper respiratory tract infections such as bronchitis and rhinitis that belong to the respiratory side effects may also appear.

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