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Like many others medications, Goserelin may also cause some side effects. Some of them may be mild like hot flashes, skin problems, enlarged breast or breast sensitivity; lack of sexual desire or ability, diarrhea; vertigo; headache; loss of appetite; nausea; sweating; malaise and fatigue; sleeping disorder. Since the most common side effects are hot flashes, during Gosorelin therapy doctor may prescribe oral progestational agent Megestrol acetate in order to alleviate these side effects.

Genitourinary – as a consequence of reducing estrogen, some women can experience vaginal bleeding. Also it can appear vaginitis, exes or lack of sexual desire, enlargement of breast or breast pain and sensitivity, pelvic problems and dyspareunia, cystic ovaries and dryness of vagina. By using Goserelin, men can feel some side effects such as: impotence, minor problems with urinary tract and gynecomastia. Common side effects for both sexes include urinary tract problems - renal failure, infections, and disturbances of urination.

Psychiatric - psychiatric side effects of Goserelin occur in the form of mental disorders, emotional hypersensitivity, depression and despondency, and disorders of reasoning.

Dermatologic - Goserelin may cause some skin problems such as increased secretion of sweat glands, purulent big red pimples, peeling scalp, rash, hair loss, itchy, dry skin with no pigmentation.

Cardiovascular - Goserelin may cause certain cardiovascular problems such as heart failure, edema, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, blood clot formation, angina pectoris, cerebral ischemia, impaired peripheral circulation, hemorrhage, palpitations and tachycardia.

Nervous system - It is proven that the Goserelin therapy causes certain negative effects on the nervous system such as vertigo, sleep disturbances, asthenia, paresthesia, paraplegia, agitation and anxiety.

Gastrointestinal - Bad influences of Goserelin to the digestive tract include nausea, vomiting, increased desire for food, constipation, diarrhea, ulcer, bloating and dry mouth.

Respiratory - Side effects that affect respiratory tract include throat infections and vocal cord disorders.

Hypersensitivity- as a side effect of Goserelin appears hypersensitivity of the whole body, especially on the spot of injection.

Musculoskeletal - as a consequence of using Goserelin there is reduction of vertebral trabecular bone mineral density that after end of treatment returns to normal state. Also it have been recorded the cramps in the legs, problems with joint, myalgia, Arthralgia and hypertonia.

Metabolic - goserelin may cause disturbances in the metabolism such as high levels of uric acid in the blood and deposition of Urata monosodium crystals in the joints; high blood sugar level; diabetes mellitus and weight gain.

Hematologic - hematological adverse effects include rare occurrence of ecchimosis and blood poisoning.

Ocular - Gosorelin can adversely affect the eyes causing a lack of tears and Amblyopia.

Oncologic- among oncological disorders in rare cases occur pituitary cancer as a result of taking Goserelin.

Endocrine - as a result of taking Goserelin in extremely rare cases, pituitary apoplexy can occur that usually appears within two weeks after the first dose. It is manifested as sudden headache, vomiting, visual changes, ophthalmoplegia, mental disorders, and sometimes cardiovascular collapse. Also, the use of Gosrelin may reduce glucose tolerance in cases of pre-existing diabetes.

Some of adverse effects, that may appear can be very serious such as: allergic reactions (swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue, breathing problem, tightness in the chest, rash, hives, itching); bone breast, chest pain or back pain; mental disorders; migrene or dizziness; unexpected vision changes; leg or arms swelling; dark or bloody urine; blood in vomit; fever or chills; arrhythmia; shortness of breath; rapid weight gain; difficulty urinating; unusual tiredness or weakness. If some of these effects occur it is necessary to immediately seek medical help.

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