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Microgynon is a contraceptive pill which prevents egg maturation and change the density of cervical secretion, which disables fertilization. In addition to preventing unwanted pregnancy, Microgynon can be used to ease menstrual pain and reduce heavy menstrual bleeding, which may prevent anemia. It is also proven that using this drug can significantly reduce the risk of benign breast disease, ovarian cysts, pelvic infections, ectopic pregnancy, ovarian cancer and uterine lining cancer.
Like many other drugs, Microgynon has certain side effects:
Nausea and vomiting - if vomiting occurs within 2 hours after taking the pills, there is a possibility that it is not sufficiently absorbed into the bloodstream, which means that it is possible that the woman was left unprotected from pregnancy.
Breast sensitivity - given that these pills affect the hormone growth, the body send signals that ovulation has begun. It can affect the breasts become more sensitive than usual. In order to ease the pain in the breasts, women can limit the use of caffeine and salt.
Headaches - they can be mild, which is easy to eliminate by taking the pain killers. They also can be very serious in the form of migraine, which is manifested by severe pain, sensitivity to light and sound and even vomiting.
Depression - This is manifested by hypersensitivity, tiredness, poor concentration and less or more need for food than usual.
Reduced libido – which means reduced sexual desire or if there is sexual interest there is the impossibility of experiencing the orgasm.
Blood clots - taking these pills increases the risk of blood clots, but this risk is more increased if the woman is a smoker, she’s overweight, if there is a genetic predisposition to create a blood clot, or if she’s older than 45.
In addition to these, there are some side effects that occur less frequently such as: the disorders of vision in terms of contact lens intolerance, reducing or increasing body weight, hypersensitivity of the immune system, vaginal discharge, discharge from the breast, fluid retention, rush and urticaria, erythema in different forms.
Microgynon should not be used in situations such as:
disturbances in circulation (deep vein thrombosis, blood clot, pulmonary embolism, heart attack)history of heart attack and strokediabetes with damaged blood vessels migraines with vision disorders, speech difficulties, weakness or stiffness of any part of the bodyinflammation of the pancreas with high cholesterolliver diseases and hepatitisbreast cancer or sex organs cancer which grows under the influence of sex hormonesunclear vaginal bleedingpregnancy or suspected pregnancy

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