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Diannete is one of the contraceptive pills, although it is not recommended to use it only for contraception, but for other problems as well. Such problems include severe acne and severe form of hirsutism or hair growth, that usually happens in women with polycystic ovary syndrome. Dianette contains Cyproterone acetate, an anitadrogen, and ethinylestradiol.

In the pack of Dianette there is 21 tablet. The woman starts to take it from the first day of her menstruation with the break of seven days when she gets her period. After these seven days she continues to use Dianette.

The pills of Dianette are very effective but must be used regularly and properly in order to prevent a woman from becoming pregnant or to prevent the returning of acnes. The patient must follow the physician’s instructions.

Before prescribing Dianette, the doctor must be acquainted with the health history of the patient and some tests have to be done. There are several cases when it must not be used. If the patient suffers from epileptic seizures, thrombosis, herpes gestationis, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, if she is pregnant or has the problems with her liver and heart, she must tell that to the doctor and she must not use Dianette. Cancer of the breast, severe diabetes, abnormal red blood cells and allergy to any of the ingredients of Dianette must be reported to the doctor, because in these cases Dianette is not recommended.

Dianette also has side effects which can appear when a woman takes it. The side effects often appear in the first months of use and than gradually lessen. What usually happens when the woman starts to take Dianette is the appearance of migraines and headaches, that occurs more often than usual. The woman can also notice some changes to her five senses, especially in hearing and seeing, or the yellowing of the skin. She can develop hepatitis and have high blood pressure. The pain and swelling of the abdomen are usual, too. Dizziness, fainting and nausea often appear. Unusual swelling of the arms and legs, sharp pain in the chest and coughing without apparent reason are also side effects when using Dianette. Even severe depression, sudden changes of moods, hypersensitivity can appear. The person can feel the constant urge for foods, or to be very tired and able to sleep for many more hours than it is normal. When using these contraceptive pills, there is a risk of increasing body weight. Menstrual flow can reduce or occasionally the menstruation does not even occur.

Many women report that when they were using Dianette contraceptive pills, gradually they were losing sexual drive. The lack of sexual interest is also one of the side effects of Dianette. All of these side effects can appear, but in different way and depending on the person.

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