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Femodene is oneof the oral contraceptive pills. It is designed for contraception,endometriosis and various menstrual problems. Its tablets contain two hormones, gestodene and ethinyloestradiol. These two hormones are very much the same as thetwo hormones that a woman’s body produces: oestrogen and progestogen.

The pack of Femodeneis consisted of 28 tablets. 21 pills are active and they are taken from thefirst day of the menstruation. The remaining seven are inactive tablets whichlower the level of hormones in the blood and cause menstrual period. The pills offemodene are very effective, but must be used regularly and properly in order toprevent a woman from becoming pregnant. The patient must follow the physician’sinstructions.

Before prescribingFemodene, it is necessary to introduce the doctor with the health history of the patientand it is necessary to do some tests. There are several cases when Femodene must not be used. If thepatient suffers from thrombosis, asthma, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis,if she is pregnant or has the problems with her liver and heart, she must tell thatto the doctor and she must not use Femodene as a way of contraception. Cancer of the breast,severe diabetes, abnormal level of red blood cells and allergy to any of the ingredientsof Femodene must be reported to the doctor right away, because in these cases Femodene should not be used, either.

Femodene alsohas side effects which can appear when a woman takes it. The side effects usually appear in the first few months of the use, and than gradually lessen. It usuallyhappens that the woman experiences migraines and headaches much more frequently than it is usual. The woman can also notice some changes to her senses, or changes in the color of the skin, since it is possible to become yellow. She can develop hepatitis and have high blood pressure.The pain and swelling of the abdomen are usual, too. Dizziness, fainting,nausea often appear. Swelling of the arms and legs without a reason, sharp pain in thechest and coughing without apparent reason are also side effects when using Femodene.Even severe depression, sudden changes of moods, hypersensitivity can appear. Whenusing these contraceptive pills, there is a risk that the body weight may increase.

Many womenreported that, when they were using Femodene contraceptive pills, gradually theywere losing sexual drive, which is also one of the possible sideeffects of Femodene.

All these side effectscan appear in different ways. Simultaneous consummationwith other medications, such as some antibiotics, can lessen the effect of Femodeneand in this case, the patient should consult the doctor.

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