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This article deals withproblems and symptoms in perimenopause. Menopause presents a new chapter inwoman’s life and many women have difficulty in accepting it. Perimenopauseis a period before reaching menopause stage. Symptoms of menopause begin longbefore she completely loses her menstrual periods, carrying along some symptomsthat can be severe and difficult to deal with for a lot of women. Inmost cases, menopause comes as a part of a natural process, though it can alsobe medically induced. Every woman deals with perimenopause in her own way butthere are some symptoms which appear in most of the women who are facing theperimenopause.

Sings and Symptoms

How many times have youheard a woman in her 40s or 50s complaining about her headache? Headache is oneof the most common symptoms in perimenopause and menopause, while othersymptoms may include heart palpations, hot flashes and sudden sweating in thenight, change in breasts, PMS, decreased desire for sexual intercourse, weightgain, vaginal dryness and bloating. On the other side besidesphysical, there are also emotional changes that develop in women, and each womancopes with them in a different way. Some of the problems that may appear inperimenopause are also anxiety, depression, stress, tiredness, easilyinterrupted concentration mood swings. A sign that appears in most cases andthat indicates perimenopause is a change in menstruation. It can be irregular a menstrual flow may not be of the usual intensity, or a period between the twomenstruations may not be the same. The period is not the same for every woman.It can last a few months, but on the other hand, it can last a few years, evena decade, and once a woman reaches a stage of menopause these symptoms stop.Her problems are over and she can enjoy the life again.

As we have said above,each woman goes through the stage of perimenopause in her own, unique way.There are some women who didn’t experience any symptoms at all, and whorealized that they are in menopause when their menstruation stopped. Generally,women who enter in menopause before its time, are the ones who didn’t deliverchildren, the ones who smoked or it may be due to some other medical conditionsuch as the cancer or chemotherapy. Many doctors and psychologist statedthat perimenopause and menopause itself present a new part in woman’s life andthat a woman shouldn’t be afraid of this she should learn more and learn hotto accept and enjoy in menopause.

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