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Abortion is defined as a surgical or medical termination of unwanted pregnancy. The decision for an abortion is made due to various reasons. For example, some women, especially the teenage girls, decide on abortion because they are not prepared for the childbirth and the child raising. On the other side, there are also women who have high risk pregnancy and cannot successfully carry out the pregnancy, or the fetus has some serious anomalies so that the abortion is the best solution. Whichever the reason is in question, the abortion makes a great impact on the woman’s life.

Side effects of surgical abortion

In a surgical abortion, the woman undergoes a surgical procedure. Afterwards, she usually experiences abdominal cramping, diarrhea, sickness, vomiting and reaction to anesthesia. However, the surgical abortion may cause certain complications and aggravate the side effects.Mild bleeding may appear after a surgical abortion, but if the cervix or the uterus is damaged in the operation, heavy bleeding or hemorrhage appears, which requires a blood transfusion. Surgical abortion necessitates the use of general anesthesia, which may result in heart problems, convulsions and, in some extremely serious cases, even death. During the surgery, the pelvic organs may be damaged by various medical tools. As a consequence, the infection of the pelvic organs and sepsis may occur. The organs that may be damaged in a surgical abortion procedure are the uterus, cervix, bladder and bowel.

Side effects of medical abortion

In a medical abortion, the unwanted pregnancy is terminated by the use of pills. It sounds very simple, but this type of abortion also has numerous side effects. The women who decide to end the pregnancy in this way may experience vaginal spotting and bleeding, lightheadedness, headaches and fever. Sickness, vomiting, cramps and watery stools may also be some of the side effects of the medical abortion, which may also induce certain complications, such as prolonged bleeding for even thirty days after the abortion. Various infections that may lead to infertility and incomplete abortion when the part of the fetus is not ejected from the body, thus resulting in heavy bleeding and infection is also a possible complication.Emotional side effects of abortion

Apart from affecting the woman physically, an abortion affects them emotionally, too. The symptoms that appear after the abortion belong to the post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. After the abortion, many women feel guilt, anger and become depressed since the decision to abort a child is not simple at all. Only the women who underwent an abortion know how it can bring an emotional havoc.

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