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Endometriosis is a disease that affects many women all across the nation. There are many ways in which to go about treating endometriosis, which can include surgery, lifestyle modifications and hormonal medications. One of the most common drugs used to treat endometriosis is Lupron, which is a hormonal drug that significantly reduces estrogen levels. The drug works in two distinctive ways, one by stimulating the ovaries to manufacture more estradiol and secondly by reducing estrogen production.

The drop in estrogen production causes a woman with endometriosis to encounter menopause like side effects. Endometriosis and Lupron side effects are something a woman should discuss with her physician prior to taking the drug, in order to determine if it is the best course of action for her situation. Lupron is a drug prescribed for a woman that has severe endometriosis or menorrhagia, or prior to undergoing assisted reproduction. In males, Lupron is used as a treatment for advanced prostate cancer. Side effects that can be attributed to Lupron include hot flashes, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, acne, hirsutism, joint pain and loss of sexual desire.

Lupron is a highly effective and medically recognized treatment for endometriosis, even despite all the side effects women can experience. Women can consider the side effects of Lupron to be a necessary evil when considering all of the other things that can go wrong. Lupron treatment is limited to six months and the drug, while not a cure for endometriosis; it can provide relief from the pain. After the first week or so of using Lupron, reproductive hormones will increase which will cause a direct increase in side effects. After the hormone has been used for a few weeks most females will stop having a menstrual period, which is entirely normal.

Endometriosis and Lupron side effects are something every woman must talk to her doctor about when considering what to do about the disease. The painful symptoms of endometriosis can be crippling for some women and some can be asymptomatic. For those that wish to have a child at some point, it is very important to seek medical attention to have the disease treated and managed. Always follow the advice of your medical professional and do not use Lupron for any other reason than for which it was prescribed.

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