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Side effects of fish oil

Although there are numerous benefits of going on a fish oil regimen, some people might experience side effects. These are extremely rare and should be allowed 1-2 weeks to disappear, but if the person is still having bad breath, nausea, belching and diarrhea after this time, they should try out a different brand of fish oil pill. Fish oil supplements take some time before getting used to them, so when starting with the fish oil pill, it is advised to work one’s way up to the optimal daily doses by starting out with one pill a day for the first three days. Then, take one pill twice a day for the next seven days, until the recommended daily dose of 3 pills a day is reached, and this can help in reducing the side effects of fish oil. Higher quality supplements are less likely to cause any side effects.

It is known that fish oil can lower blood pressure, prevent heart attacks, and relieve the pain associated with arthritis thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect. If taken in moderation, it is guaranteed to be beneficial, but increasing the daily intake will produce the following side effects:

  • Fish oil can act as a blood thinner, so people who are already on prescribed blood thinners should choose the fish oil supplement with special caution.
  • Some people are allergic to fish and they are advised to begin with small amount of fish oil. They should take special care to read the labels, because labels such as ‘fish oil’ or ‘marine lipids’ indicate a low-quality product, and it is better to look for another brand. High quality supplements contain fish oil from salmon, anchovies, sardines and tuna, and people allergic to fish can go for the vegetarian Omega 3 instead, which is obtained from algae.
  • Dose exceeding 4000 mg per day may affect the blood clotting ability.
  • Since fish oil lowers blood pressure, people taking alpha or beta blockers and ACE inhibitors for high blood pressure should be careful with the doses of fish oil they take in.
  • The person has stepped over the recommended daily doses if they have bead breath, burping tasting like fish oil, acid reflux, loose stools and upset stomach, and these symptoms are relieved once the dosage is lowered.
  • The recommended daily doses of Omega 3 go from 2.5 to 4 grams, and the usage of fish oil supplement should be under the doctor’s supervision in persons with high blood pressure, blood clotting problems and those taking prescribed medication.

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