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Facts about caffeine

When it comes to caffeine, the fact is that the opinions onits positive and negative effects differ. However, the fact is that caffeinetaken in small dosage even on a daily basis does not have a bad effect on ahealthy person. It functions as a stimulant and as a diuretic, which means thatthe effects that it will have on a healthy person refer to increased flow ofthe blood, raise in the body temperature and more frequent urge to urinate. However,regular use of caffeine, even in small dosages, does create some kind of physicaladdiction, which means that the person is very likely to experience headache,sleepiness or even symptoms that resemble those of the flu if a cup of coffeeis missed for some reason. The body will manifest its craving through thesesymptoms, so if a person decides to eliminate caffeine, it might be good to know that these symptoms tend to last from few days to few weeks even.

Most commonly experienced side effects are restlessness,problems with sleep, increased heart rate and levels of sugar in the blood and somemild stomach problems, but these are all considered to be moderate sideeffects. Those that are considered to be severe include various sleep disorders,panic attacks, depression and stomach problems that are persistent.

Side effect of caffeine on the heart

Due to its ability to work as a diuretic, it is highlyrecommended that people with any kind of heart disease limit their intake of caffeine.However, when it comes to the blood pressure and the effects that thissubstance has on it, studies that were conducted proved that the blood pressureis only temporarily raised after consumption of beverages that containcaffeine, and that it is regular again after this substance gets out of the body. Besidesthis, it was also concluded that a bit more drastic change in the bloodpressure after taking in caffeine occurs only in those who do not drink coffee (orsome other beverage that contains caffeine) on regular basis. This furthermeans that those who do not have problems with blood pressure will not be atincreased risk of developing hypertension or some heart condition if theyconsume caffeine, but those who already suffer from hypertension or some heart disorderwill definitely have to limit the intake of this substance if they want toavoid possible complications. In those who suffer from cardiovascular problemsof any kind, higher dosage of caffeine can result in irregular heartbeats, butthis is also possible in healthy people.

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